World War Two Spitfire Pilot

World War Two Spitfire Pilot
Philip Vickers was an American from Oklahoma who was a hot pilot with 20 or so hours in a Piper Cub when he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. He became a member of 443 Squadron under Wing Commander Johnny Johnson, the RAF top scoring Ace, and Squadron Leaders Wally McLeod and Art Sager. He also often flew as wing man for Johnny Johnson in many of his 100+ operational flights.

His is a story of survival – surviving for five days in a downed aircraft in heavy Newfoundland snow; surviving 100+ operational flights over France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany; and, finally, figuring out how to survive the armistice with the enemy.

World War Two Spitfire Pilot

Read “Surviving Victory,” his memoir of his early life in the Depression dust bowl of Oklahoma through the end of World War II. Available for purchase at

You can compare events in Phil’s memoir to the flight specifics in his “Royal Canadian Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book,” also available through

Pilot war photo Philip Vickers 3 Pilot war photo Philip Vickers with friend


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