A “Must Read” Review by The North Atlantic Museum Newsletter

From the North Atlantic Museum Newsletter:
“Surviving Victory” by Philip Vickers
Book Review – By Jonathan Waterman

The late Philip (Bockman) Vickers was a gentleman who survived the trials and tribulations of an abusive father who figured he wouldn’t amount to anything, to become a heroic spitfire pilot, actor, renowned sculptor, and finally an accomplished author.

Philip’s autobiography “Surviving Victory” begins as a sad story of a son who desperately hates his father for the abuse he has put him and his family through, however wishes more than anything to prove to him that he can become more of a man than his father could ever dream of being.  The story progresses into a dramatic tale of heroism as Philip joins the RCAF and flies his spitfire into some 102 missions during World War II!

All in all this is a story of true heroism, told by the man who lived it first hand!  “Surviving Victory” can be purchased on www.canavbooks.com for $18.95, and in my opinion is a must read!

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