Art You Can Create That Makes Money

Art You Can Create That Makes Money

When you view Philip Vickers’ MATRIX™METALS sculpture, you see sculpture unlike any other you have ever seen before. It’s not wildly fanciful or outrageous sculpture but it is totally unique because it is sculpture in metals of many colors.

Thousands of pieces have been sold in art galleries, and Philip thought that by displaying images of his unique work on his website, he would attract hundreds of new buyers. Instead, sculptors, graphics and furniture designers, screen printers, interior decorators, display designers and architects, from every corner of the United States and as far away as China, emailed wanting to learn more about “those colorful metals”.

Although it was not what he was hoping for, Philip was nonetheless delighted that such a variety of creative and talented people, whether they approved of his sculpture or not, recognized MATRIX™METALS for what it was: a 21st century, state-of-the-art technique with a hundred uses.

As he replied to the myriad of questions that reflected the hopes these artisans had to use MATRIX™METALS in their various professions, he realized there was still much information that he needed to share if he sincerely wanted to introduce MATRIX™METALS to the world. Hence, Philip Vickers wrote his manual Art You Can Create That Makes Money in 2000.

By following his detailed instructions carefully, Philip had no doubt that many thousands of creative people who are in business or the arts and crafts would find new avenues of self expression and financial gain. And that would please him greatly. Philip’s wish was that the manual be available at no charge. Hence, Art You Can Create That Makes Money is available in PDF format for free by clicking here.

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